Developer of UK Based Flexible Energy Storage and Production Projects

Developer of UK Based Flexible Energy Storage and Production Projects

Flexible Grid Solutions

Key Facts

Pipeline of Energy Production and Storage Projects in Development
Flexible Energy Production and Storage Capacity Required to Balance Growing Renewable Power Generation
Exposes Investors to the Rise of Batteries and Trading in UK Power Networks
FGS Projects Offer the Ability to Fund and Operate or Exit at Value Inflection Points


The UK power market is in the process of transitioning from base load generation, provided by coal and nuclear to power generation, based largely on renewables. With the increased use of renewables, comes the requirement for flexible power generation and storage to smooth grid volatility and maintain system stability. This creates the opportunity in which Flexible Grid Solutions operates.

FGS is investing in projects and the infrastructure required to provide these critical services to the UK Grid, services that will only become more necessary in the years to come.

These investments are on trend and dovetail with the UK’s “Net Zero 2050” initiative regarding greenhouse gas emissions and the increasing pressure of the UK grid.

Corcel aims to use these stable energy generation and storage projects to support its overhead requirements and to further develop its battery metal projects.

Current projects include:

  • Strategic partnership in place with Ion Ventures Ltd (Technical Consultants and Developers of energy storage projects)
  • 50 MW Energy Storage Project
  • 50 MW Gas Peaker Project
  • 50 MW Gas Peaker Project
  • 15 MW Grid Connection - Potential Battery Site


Multiple UK projects are currently in the pipeline and are under review for sanction. Potential investments included under the umbrella of Flexible Grid Solutions are:

  • Gas Peaker Plants
  • Flexible Energy Storage
  • Combined Heat and Power Systems
  • Solar Projects


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